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Riding the Tide at the Troc

Hey my name's Kev, I just joined the community. I, too, saw Silvertide at the Troc on Saturday. First time for me. I've been listening to them non-stop for quite awhile now, and even got Show and Tell the day it came out. I went to the same high school as some of the guys (Ryan) and my roommate knows all of the guys personally (Mark thanks my roommate's sister in his liner notes).

So yeah, we get down to the Troc, and we're waiting in line. Vinnie the Crumb from the Philly Guys is coming down the line, shaking everyone's hands. I had all my weight on my one foot, so my other leg was sticking out....I almost tripped Vinnie the Crumb as he walked by. Nothing like making big-shots look and feel stupid (my personal opinion is that the Philly Guys have gone to shit since Barsky left).

We get inside kinda early, and we got a good spot close to the front. I agree that FLOTW sucked. Nirvana meets Rage Against the Machine, with none of the good stuff. Silvertide is ready to come on, and these two older guys, high off their asses, come up to the front and are just rocking out with me and my roommate. The one guy has a Santa hat, and the other one is assigning baseball positions to everyone around him. Then Walt comes to the door and starts doing The Robot. Chicks go nuts of course.

"Devil's Daughter" to open = great choice.
Walt falling on his ass = funny, but he made a good save.
Nick and Kev's respective solos = chills down the spine.

The night was just one great thing after another. My roommate has, I believe, every Silvertide song ever recorded, along with live tapings, on his computer. We just found "Adult Child" a few weeks ago, and I personally think it's one of their best. Walt grabbed an XL camera and crowd surfed with it, and my roomie was right underneath him. Awesome. But even better for me was, during "S.F.C.", Walt came down to the audience again. He leans in over on my side....and puts the mic right in my face. I decided right then and there that I could die a happy man. Favorite band of all time, playing the greatest, most electrifying show I've ever seen, and Walt puts the microphone right in front of my face to let me sing along. Exce-fuckin-llent.

In all the live versions of "Ain't Comin' Home" I've heard, none of them had a better closer than the one heard Saturday night. Walt just expressed everything I was feeling before, during, and after the elections. Met the guys afterwards, got their autographs, but sadly Nick was the only one to not shake my hand. Whatever, he's still a fucking god on the git. Talked with his little sis right afterwards, cuz I had a class last year with her at Ryan. Then my buddy went and got autographs and talked with the guys. Walt said he sees him at every show my bud goes to cuz of his Deadhead hat. Yeah, if any of you guys who were there saw a bearded kid with a sportjacket and his equally bearded friend with a Grateful Dead baseball cap, just know that was us.

This is where I end my extremely long post. But in closing, I'd like to add that we've also found the Holy Grail of Silvertide songs - "Summer's Calling". It's the first song they ever recorded, under the name Vertigo. They prolly don't play it cuz it sounds kinda pop, but it describes last summer and the one coming up: A bunch of N.E. Philly kids migrating down to Wildwood for the summer, stopping at Wawa for cigarettes and ping pong balls...

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